L'illustre vie d' Athina Vamvassaki

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Bienvenue sur le site de Athina Vamvassaki, graphiste, illustratrice à ses heures...petits croquis, gribouillis, les petis rien de tous les jours... + mini book en ligne amusez vous!!
Welcome to Athina Vamvassaki's little blog, drawings, life's daily events... also an online mini portfolio of my works as a graphic designer, enjoy!


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Blake 14/08/2009 04:11

I like your portfolio. Many of them remind me of what one might expect to see in a illustrated book. You might consider trying to illustrate books. Many of those cartoons would expecially be great. :) Great work.

nunila 18/08/2009 13:03

thanks !! :)

Evita Kalogera 01/07/2009 08:27

Merveilleux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eri 30/06/2009 18:17

hi Athina I really like your illustrations.
nicely done. keep on going.

nunila 19/08/2009 19:35

efxaristo eri!!